Tips for Using an iPad

AdaCare is compatible with the Apple iPad tablet. For the most part, the iPad works just the way you expect, like it does on almost any web site. That said, the iPad's screen is smaller than a desktop PC, and not all touch gestures work exactly the same as a mouse. It helps to know a few tricks, so we've compiled some notes below to help you use an iPad as easily as any other computer.

Gesture to zoom inZoom in to select from the menu bar

A finger touch isn't as precise as a mouse pointer, so it's all too easy to select the wrong page from the menus. A good way to avoid mistakes is to zoom in before you make a selection from the menu.

The best way to zoom is to use the "spread" gesture: place your thumb and index finger on the screen, and spread the digits apart (think of the opposite of a "pinch" gesture). Then, tap the menu to pull down the list, and tap the page you want to select. The new page will display in normal size, or you can "pinch" the screen to zoom back out.

Gesture to double-tapDouble-tap on visits

If you want to see the details of a visit from the Calendar page, you normally double-click the visit with your mouse. With an iPad, you just double-tap instead. If your calendar is crowded with lots of visits, you might want to zoom in first, and then double-tap on the visit you want to see.

Gesture to scroll insideScrolling the calendar

When you scroll a web page on an iPad, the whole page scrolls up and down. On most pages, that's just what you want to do. However, the calendar page is a little different — the calendar section itself can scroll within the overall web page. This lets you scroll through a calendar with lots of clients, and still keep the top section (with important buttons and controls) conveniently in view.

The trick is to use two fingers to scroll. Place your first two fingers on the calendar and move up-down or left-right — the calendar will scroll, but the rest of the web page will remain where it is. Just remember to place your fingers on an empty space in the calendar, so you don't accidentally drag a visit to a different date.

Using other non-iPad tablets

At present, the iPad is the most popular tablet available, so we've made AdaCare compatible with the iPad first. If you have a different brand of tablet computer, take it for a spin on AdaCare — it will probably work just fine. Then, please take a moment to send us a message to tell us about your experience and which tablet you're using. We're always working to make AdaCare better for everyone.