Tips & Tricks

Would you like to work a little faster and easier? We've put together a short list of tips & tricks to help you use AdaCare smarter, faster, and better. Read through the tips and see what's helpful for you.

Do you have any tips you that help you use AdaCare better? Just drop us a note by email and we'll share your suggestions with everyone!

Use two windows at the same time

Suppose you're working on a client's page in AdaCare, and the phone rings and you need to look at the calendar page. Did you know that you could open the calendar in a new window without disturbing the original client's page? Just hold down the Control key when you click the calendar from the menu (use the Command key on a Macintosh). Your web browser will open the calendar in new window, and you can switch back and forth between the two windows as needed.

This trick works for any menu or web page link. It's a good way to read a "Learn More" topic while you're working on a page, or to quickly switch back and forth between two different tasks.

Bookmark your favorite pages

Do you spend most of your time on a few different pages? Add a bookmark (also called a favorite) for each page, and then select a bookmark when you start using AdaCare each day. After you log in, AdaCare will take you directly to your favorite page without needing to use the menu.

For example, go to the Manage Clients page. Pull down the web browser's Bookmark or Favorites menu and select Add Bookmark (or Add to Favorites). The exact steps depend on which web browser you're using, but all browsers let you save bookmarks one way or another.

The next time you start using AdaCare, just choose the page from the Bookmark menu and you'll jump straight to that page (AdaCare may ask you to log in first). It's great way to save a step and get started a little faster each day.

Set your calendar's starting day

Some home care agencies schedule on a traditional Sunday through Saturday week, and some use a Monday through Sunday week. AdaCare lets you display your calendars whichever way suits your business. Under the Administration menu, Setup, select Company Setup. Click on the Calendar tab and you'll see the option to set the first day of your calendar's week.

Your payroll week doesn't have to be the same as your scheduling calendar. Just click on the Payroll Rules tab and set the first day of the payroll week for your business. All payroll calculations are based on the payroll rules, even if the scheduling calendar is different.